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I work because I enjoy it. I work part-time because I also like to play golf, read books, and spend time with my wife and our family and friends.

I appreciate and welcome all inquiries, but I take on a limited number of cases so each of my clients gets my undivided attention when needed. I return calls and respond to emails promptly. If I don’t think I can help you and earn my fee and your respect, I won’t waste your time or your money.

A high percentage of my work as a consultant and expert witness comes from experienced trial lawyers with whom I have worked before or from their recommendations to other trial lawyers. A few clients found me by searching key words and phrases on the Internet and getting a link to my website. Most people have seen my website before they contact me. That’s the primary reason I have a website, to let people who are referred to me or who find me on the Internet know what I do and what my qualifications and interests are before they contact me.

Most of my work is in California where I have lived all of my life except my childhood in Alabama. I have had and will accept cases in other states for which I am qualified to serve as a consultant and expert witness.   

I work alone out of a home office in Santa Monica, California. Below is information on how to contact me.   

Robert H. Goon
Tel: (310) 451-4437