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Expert Witness Experience

I have served as an expert witness in approximately sixty litigated or privately-resolved disputes. The large majority of those disputes involved suits in federal or state courts before a judge and/or a jury, arbitrations, or other hearings or legal proceedings.

I am experienced and comfortable in those settings. In the early years of my career as a lawyer, I did litigation work. I have taken or defended numerous depositions and written numerous declarations, pleadings, and legal briefs. I have appeared in court many times as counsel, a percipient witness, or an expert witness. I have been deposed well over fifty times. I have testified and been cross-examined in trials or hearings numerous times.

The bulk of my work has been about equally divided between legal malpractice disputes and transaction, corporate governance, or fiduciary duty disputes. A smaller portion of my work involves transaction, business, or corporate issues in marital dissolutions and marital settlements. I have worked for defendants in the majority of my legal malpractice cases. I have worked for claimants in the majority of my transaction, corporate governance, or fiduciary duty cases.

Most of the legal malpractice claims for which I am engaged arise out of the defendant law firm’s handling of a contract or transaction. Some of them involve corporation or securities laws, customs, and practices. Malpractice claims always involve standard-of-care issues and some also involve scope-of-engagement issues which typically raise attorney-client custom and practice issues.

Many of the other disputes for which I was engaged as an expert witness and legal consultant arose out of the purchase and sale of a business, the sale of securities, the operation and management of a business, or a fight over control of a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership. These cases typically involve claims of failure to comply with applicable laws, failure to comply with corporate governance customs and practices, mismanagement, conflicts of interest, self-dealing, misappropriation of assets, diversion of corporate opportunities, fraud, or breaches of fiduciary duties of officers, directors, and/or shareholders.

I am experienced in drafting declarations and expert witness reports. I have prepared my own declarations and participated in preparing motion briefs for use in suits in which I have served as an expert witness. I have participated in mediations and settlement conferences and observed deposition testimony of a number of opposing experts. I am computer literate and have experience in preparing graphics for use with my trial testimony.